Not sure about which tools can benefit you while working from home? Read this blog!

Here are some of my favorite tools to make the remote work do smooth and productive.

Look at this image. There is an employee who is juggling a lot of tasks, multitasking. And it seems like a lot on her plate already, isn’t it?

Well, working from home can become fun and productive when you use the right tools. Read the below content to know about them.

  1. To see my colleagues’ faces, I use Google Meet to meet them online: Be it an official meeting or an unofficial meeting, google meet has always been my forever go-to software. It is very easy to use and has all the features.
  2. To communicate, announce something, share files and information, I use Kissflow Digital workplace tool: An All-in-one tool to manage work and people from different regions. It is a cloud-based SaaS tool that helps us to communicate and collaborate well.
  3. We all manage projects on an everyday basis. I use Kissflow project management tool to manage my projects, assign tasks and track them effectively.
  4. People who work in an organization would definitely have LinkedIn to communicate and so networking with professionals out there. I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn to know the market, read posts, and learn some skills.
  5. I love to spare some time every day on social networking. I use tools like Instagram, Clubhouse: Social media is a stress-free atmosphere for me. Instagram is good to watch some reels and Clubhouse is an audio communication tool to engage with people.
  6. I am a Marketer so I would need some designs for my content/ work. I use Canva online design tool to design my work or prepare some documents.
  7. Anyone who works for an organization/does freelancing would have a lot on their plate every day. To manage work and schedule calls, I use Calendly to schedule meetings and calls.
  8. I have been working out for some time now and to keep myself fit, I use the Fitnessbuddy tool.
  9. I love fashion and styling. I use tools like Pinterest to watch influencers do the best of their stylings and it’s a pass time for me.
  10. Last but not least, I love sky-gazing and I am an Astrobile. I spend a lot of time at night watching the sky and love to stay at the terrace. I use the SkyTracker tool to look at the stars and constellations.




A passionate writer turned into a Digital marketer. I write on Quora @mridhuvarshininair, Instagram @yourstories.official, @quote_stories, @mridhu_unnikrishnan.

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Mridhu Nair

Mridhu Nair

A passionate writer turned into a Digital marketer. I write on Quora @mridhuvarshininair, Instagram @yourstories.official, @quote_stories, @mridhu_unnikrishnan.

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